What Is The Best Online Course Booking Software In 2019?

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There are several online training and course booking software in the market. However, finding one that can be tailored to suit your needs as a business can be a daunting task!. It is normal to be overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the best software for your online course training. Fortunately, Dante is here, this article will shed light on the features to look out for in the best software. Additionally, we shall discuss why Dante is the best choice for your business. Continue reading below:


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What features to look for in online booking software?

In most cases, businesses are tempted to fire up a google search for the best options. Well, to avoid choice overload, this article points out what exactly you need to look out for.

1. Easy access

An online course booking software such as Dante gives you the privilege of accessing your online class calendar at any time so that you can view your course registration and duty rota instantly. Additionally, the software allows you to easily control what other stuffs can see.

  • Dante automatically optimizes your smartphone size and screen so that you are able to easily view and manage your calendar from your phone.
  • According to your calendar, you can easily send out reminders to your students through emails or text messages. This is one of the best ways to keep your stuff and students current with your schedules.

Dante allows you to print out the class time tables and other details such as receipts of amounts paid or owed. With this software, you shall be able to track what is happening in your calendar all year long. From tracking course cancellations to monitoring promotional discounts you simply can’t get enough of such software.

2. Course portal

The best online course booking software features course portals where the course information can be updated periodically.   Dante’s online software lets you brand your company colours and logos so that it looks appealing to your customers.

Dante’s portal also comes with a search bar so that the delegates are able to make a search using keywords. Any device can be able to process the booking from the course portal because the software is fully optimized.

The course portal should also be always open as Dante’s so that the customers are able to make payments even when your physical office is closed. The software is easily integrated with your website using an API key so that you can easily promote your courses optimally. The Dantes API  is standard and can be used to develop a bespoke website fast.

3. Integrated Customer Relation Management System (CRM)

An excellent online course booking software must include an integrated CRM to help you manage your communication with prospects and customers.  Dante’s integrated CRM tracks bookings made from the initial contacts to the final order from one centralized location. This gives you as a business peace of mind so that you can focus on other tasks.

Inquiries and bookings can be set up to read the emails and automatically log them as an action to the desired contact in the CRM. Dante, being the best online course booking software, lets you track your sales for active inquiries. The system also automatically emails course availability and makes the booking to close down the sales process automatically. As if not enough, the software reports all the open, won and lost sales.

The Software’s inbuilt mailer sends out bulk targeted email campaigns to your subscribers.  The subscribers can be emailed the details on when the course is due to expire or any other action that you would want to automatically schedule. The software’s campaign feature lets you track down the subscribers who actually opened and read the emails. This feature is vital in helping you determine the suitability of your marketing strategies.


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4. Administrative features

The best online booking course will come with robust delegate administration features. With an internet connection, you should be able to access all your recorded delegates information from just anywhere.

Dante’s online course booking software stores all your customer’s information in a secure cloud-based database so that you do not have to worry about losing your most valuable data. Additionally, the software stores all the communication with delegates in the record so that there is no confusion of any kind.

The software automatically invites your customers to complete an evaluation that was left underway and also provides feedback for their completed courses. It also sends them a certification of completion generated using a  fully tailored template. Through the administration dashboard, you can set expiry dates for the courses and the system automatically notifies the students before the due date.

Your customers are also able to get information about attendances, certificates and results immediately they are posted online.

The software allows you to tailor your templates in relation to your course needs. This simply means that your emails, reminders, invoices and bookings will only have your desired information.  Furthermore, bespoke pricing plans can be created or your delegates and this allows for global percentage discounts on the courses generally or specific courses.

Through Dante’s administration system, you can handle student dropouts without breaking a bone. The cancelled students can be charged a certain fee and be transferred to other courses. The system then frees the space for other new delegates. Amazingly, the software automatically contacts coordinators or line managers and informs them of the current situation with the bookings.

5. Course management

Course management features of an online course booking simplify the scheduling and booking process.  With this feature, you can easily assign tutors, venues and be able to check attendances from the scheduling screen. You may also schedule multiple dates at the same time thus allowing you to schedule a years course at once.

A great online course booking software should also integrate resource management features to help you view and manage resources such as tutors. The software should also automatically synchronize events with other calendars so that your tutor can use their won preferred calendars.

Dante allows you to set up your activities on the to-do list. The automated activities can be used to send texts and emails such as invitations and reminders. The software features robust course specific reports from the attendance reports so that you are able to look at the whole project from a different perspective. This helps you define the success of the course by use of evaluation and monitor system.


A good online course booking software will make things easy for you and your delegates. It will come with several excellent features that will even help yours with other marketing activities. It is therefore important to be vigilant on which software you go for, it will determine the success of your business in the long run. Dante saves you all the headache and lets you concentrate on other aspects of growing your business.


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