What Are The Functions Of The Training Management System?

Team discussing the benefits of a training management system for a project - Dante

There is so much fuss out there about training management systems. Whether you are an internal department managing training for a small business or a training institution, working with a training management system gives you uttermost opportunity to improve your services and the way operations are managed. Which training management software will benefit your business? This article explains several functions of a training management system through the eyes of Dante, a leading training management system.


Why Dante as your training management system?

Let’s start by agreeing that there are several training management systems in the market today. Why Dante for your small or large business? Here are some of the most outstanding features of Dante that set it apart from the rest:


1.      Accounts

Dante as a training management system will give you a more accurate oversight of your financial achievements. To achieve this, Dante provides you with an utmost operational efficiency when it comes to financial reports, invoicing and alerts when necessary. This software lets you set customers to account with a given credit limit and course priced agreement so that you can apply a discount and generate an automatic payment term that is added to their invoices.

This system will force you to ditch your invoice books and customer phone contacts as it features automated payment reminders via emails. It then gives them an option of making payments by using a credit card.  This feature saves you time and unnecessary calls to your clients.

  • Dante lets you make full integrations with bespoke accounts at a fee so that you can import your customer from account package and export any invoiced orders so that your accounts are updated all the time.

Dante lets you not worry about what currency your customers use. The software automatically calculates the invoice amount in several currencies depending on the current conversion rates. As if not enough, the software lets you set a zero value-added tax for international invoices and a VAT for each course.

  • For security purposes, Dante features an automatic invoice lockdown so that no changes are made to the invoices by anyone other than the account administrator. Additionally, any changes made can be viewed from Dante’s audit log so that you can see who made the changes and when.


Discussing the use of a training management system - Dante

Discussing the use of a training management system – Dante


2.      Course and resource management

The software lets you quickly assign tutors and any other sources from a centralized screen hence providing you with the conveniences that you are looking for in a training management system. Dante’s excellent booking and scheduling screens lets you waste no time in having your courses up and running in just a few swipes. Additionally, you can schedule a full year’s calendar thus helping you become a better master of your time.

The software also lets you book several courses at once for individuals or companies from a single dashboard thus making your work much easier.

  • To avoid conflicting events, Dante enables you to view and manage tutors and venues and synchronize automatically with an outlook or office 365 so that the tutors can continue making use of their calendars.
  • Dante features task automation so that you can keep in touch with your customers at all times. Activity reminders can be automatically sent to the emails or SMS to keep everyone current.

Dante provides an efficient simplified scheduling and booking process to help you and your customers have it easy when it comes to keeping tracks of useful day in day out reports. The software includes an attendance sign-in sheet for your customers and reports to help you determine the overall course success.


3.      CRM/Marketing

By keeping all your information in one centralized place, the software keeps you updated on every single step in the sales process.  The software lets you set up inquiries and bookings to read the emails and automatically log them as an action to the specific contact in the system. Moreover, Dante enables you to create sales tracks for active inquiries to log course information that they wish to book,  the system then emails them the booking to close down the sales process automatically.

You can now email subscribers with Dante’s training management system. The system lets you send out bulk email campaigns to your customers by any criteria you deem best. The customers are also notified when the course is about to expire and other upcoming courses that they might take interest in.

  • To determine course progression the email marketing feature tracks who has opened the targeted email and when they opened it.


4.      Delegate administration

Dante’s cloud-based database is centralized, secure and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. You can now store all your delegate information in your date’s database. The software stores all the delegate communication in their records so that you have no confusion over what has been sent or not sent.

  • This software automatically invites a delegate to give feedback on their completed course and sends them a properly tailored certificate of completion instantly. Delegates can be automatically notified on their expiring courses before the actual expiry dates, this is to allow them to book refresher training early enough.
  • The software sends information to line managers about delegate attendance and results and when the certificates have been posted online for their view.

Dante comes with several templates that can be tailored to fit your course purpose. This is to say that all you invoices, joining instructions, reminder emails and more can only contain the information you deem necessary.  The software simply lets you take pride in branding!.

  • Dante also lets you create bespoke plans for your customers so that you can give a certain discount percentage globally for all or specific courses.

Wondering how to handle cancellation and replacements? Dante understands that learners dropout is normal. The software handles such cases with so much ease so that you have no headache arising.  You can have the delegates cancel a course at a fee and have them transferred to a new course so that there is enough space for new learners.


5.      Online course booking

Dante lets you instantly update the list of available courses with the dates displayed alongside on the online booking portal.  The software includes a collection of course categories and subcategories so that your learners can search by use of a keyword.  The software is mobile-optimized, and so you will be able to checkout and process your bookings from your smartphone.

  • Forget about your office being closed for weekends! Dante is always open to receive online payments thanks to its multiple integrated merchants.

This training management system can be integrated with your website by the use of an API to allow you to promote the courses however you like. Dantes API is standardized and can be given to your website developers to develop a bespoke website.

  • With google analytics, Dante lets you track your portal visitors and generate reports on the same that are crucial in helping you gauge your course success.
  • Dante lets you fully brand your pages with your company colours and logos to help you maintain your identity and authenticity at all times.


Team utilising a training management system to be more efficient - Dante

Team utilising a training management system to be more efficient – Dante


6.      Reporting

An excellent training management system should be able to keep track of every aspect of your online training. From individual customer progress to online training certification completion rate, Dante features a reporting tool that lets you know how each learner performed in the long run. Dante also provides a simple way for learners to track their course progress as well as give you a concrete report on the responsiveness on the training at large.

Dante’s powerful reporting function gives you an ability to focus on crucial objectives in real-time and make better ways of sharing data across your institution. The software will also give you insight into how standardized processes are performing over time.

The software evaluation system lets you monitor results by tutor, course or individual. Such reports are vital when it comes to making decisions in the future. Furthermore, the metrics generated by Dante are to help you train and mentor your customers more efficiently which will, in the end, result in a better training outcome.

Dante’s ability to effortlessly function with any CRM is priceless. The software ensures that your data is properly managed and protected in a compliant way and organizes it to allow you to realize actionable insights. Dante simply provides a superior infrastructure that can be used for better operational function.


Last words on Dante as a training management system

There is no better way to boost your engagement with remote learners than to invest in a training management system such as Dante. Dante is the leading training software when it comes to maintaining online collaboration over the internet. From compliance training to application sharing, Dante is an amazing system that aims at enhancing any industry learning process.  We love the software’s versatility and therefore mightly recommend it for your training purposes.


If you wish to know more?

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