Accounting and Finance Features

Customer account management and bespoke pricing

Manage Customer Accounts

Customer accounts can be setup with certain credit terms and a course price agreement, so discount can be applied across the board or to certain courses and then payment terms will be automatically added to their invoice.

Outstanding and paid Payment screenshot

Keep on Top of Payments

Automated payment reminder emails can be setup to inform your customer’s of any outstanding debts. Option to pay using a credit card can also be included on an invoice to avoid unnecessary phone calls for taking card payments!

Secure integrations with accounts such as Sage

Integrated with your accounts

Import your customers from accounts package periodically into Dante Systems and then export any invoiced orders or credits to ensure both systems are kept up to date.

Full integration with bespoke accounts packages can also be developed at extra cost – we’re currently developing a fully automated integration with Sage Cloud and Xero.

  • Testimonial

    Smooth transition into a new working environment

    Rhead Group, Stephen Gibson, General Manager

    Delegate Planner allows us to keep all of our information relating to training and associated administration in one secure place, meaning we no longer need to search for records across a number of different systems. This feature has proved invaluable, allowing us a smooth transition into a new working environment. Rhead Group

Multiple currencies support

Multi Currencies and Tax Codes

Invoice in your system’s default currency or alter the currency for an invoice and the system will automatically calculate the amount in a different currency based on the conversion rates.

Plus set a VAT rate for an entire booking or an individual item, allowing for zero VAT for international invoices.

Audit log for tracking changes

Keep control

Invoices are automatically locked down so that no changes to invoice amounts can be changed, unless you are logged in as an accounts administrator.

Also, all changes are logged in our audit log so you can easily see when changes were made and who by.

Custom Invoice Templates

Course cancellation policies

Manage Outstanding Invoices

Export Invoices and Credit Notes

Credit Notes for Cancellations

Automated Payment Reminders

Import Account Information

Course Specific Nominal Codes

Customer Credit Limits

Customer Pricing Plans

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