One of the biggest barriers to growth for training providers is the depth of administration work involved in managing courses and every other aspect of the business. Your team can only handle so much workload and, once it reaches this limit, your growth is bottlenecked by productivity.

Of course, you can build a bigger team that’s capable of handling more work but there’s a limit to how many people you can hire. A better solution is to refine your working processes by automating repetitive tasks, which frees up time for your team to concentrate on the tasks that can’t be automated. This maximises efficiency and empowers your business to manage more customers without expanding personnel.

In this article, we look at seven key tasks training providers can automate to free up resources and drive growth.

Common tasks training providers can automate

Automation can’t handle complex tasks that require critical thinking, creativity or empathy but the technology is perfectly capable of handling formulaic, repetitive tasks – the kind that tend to be most time-consuming. Here’s a quick list of some of the everyday tasks training businesses can automate with a training management system:

  1. Resource management: A TMS provides a real-time account of resource availability, automatically updated as soon as anything is booked or assigned, so you always know what’s available and never have to worry about double bookings.
  2. Course availability: Course availability is also updated in real-time and a TMS with a built-in booking system should also show website visitors course availability in real-time so they can book instantly.
  3. Online bookings: With an online booking system, you can automate course bookings and turn your website into a primary lead generation tool.
  4. Payments: Choose a TMS with an accounting and finance system to automate invoicing and payments.
  5. Customer accounts: With an integrated TMS, accounting system and training CRM, you can manage customers accounts through every stage of the cycle – from the first booking to repeat payments and bespoke account pricing.
  6. Email marketing: Email automation helps you convert leads into paying customers, keep customers engaged and encourage them to book more courses without manually sending each message.
  7. Customer retention: With a dedicated CRM, account management and email marketing, you can retain customers for longer and maximise the value of each customer by encouraging them to keep booking.

All of these tasks can be fully or partially automated with a quality TMS, cutting out the repetitive admin work that stifles business growth for training providers. With Dante’s training management system, you can automate all of the tasks in the list above – and more – to maximise efficiency and prevent the admin workload from holding back your growth prospects.

Work smarter, not harder with automation

Automation technology empowers your team to achieve more with their existing resources and, for training providers, this means running more courses, handling more customers and taking more bookings without getting bogged down in admin work.

By automating these repetitive tasks, your team can focus their efforts on maximising bookings and spend less time in their inboxes and calendar apps, managing the ins and outs of existing bookings.

If your training business is held back by processes that can’t handle a higher volume of work, try out the latest version of our training management system to automate everyday tasks and free up resources for the revenue and growth-oriented actions that build bigger businesses.

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