The online course booking landscape is on constant change. Individuals are quickly adapting to new technology, choosing the right way to get delegates to register to your next course might not be a walk in the park. Fortunately, for you, we have reviewed the best online course management system to help you put your worries to rest from the word go!

It is not every day that you find flexibility, ease of use, affordability and excellence in a single tool. Dante course booking system is your only option when you want to do things differently from what your competition may be doing. The number of delegates you get to register for your next course is entirely dependent on the online booking software you choose.


Why use Dante to get delegates to register for your next course?

Here is a detailed review of Dante course management system:

1.   Top-notch Financing and accounting features

It can be quite overwhelming managing delegates’ invoices with a mediocre course system. Dante lets you set up your delegate accounts with specified credit terms based on the course price agreement. This makes it easier for you to apply a discount across some courses that you like and the payment terms will be added to the delegates’ invoices automatically.

With Dante, you will not have to worry about drafting payment remainder emails to your delegates. Simply set up reminder emails to remind them of their pending course payments.   The software also makes it easier for you to include payment options such as credit cards.

  • Dante offers integration with your accounts; this makes it easier for you to import your customers from account packages into the software so that you can update both systems periodically.

Delegates can pay using their desired currency. All you have to do is alter the currency for an invoice and Dante will automatically calculate the payments in a different currency based on the current conversion rates.

The software boosts account and financing features to ensure that your invoices are not tampered with! For example, the invoices are automatically locked down so that no changes to the invoice amount can be changed in any way.  You have to be logged in as an administrator to do so.


2.   Excellent delegate administration features

Dante lets you access your delegate’s information from a centralized area anytime as long as you have internet connectivity.  All the delegate communication with their coordinators is stored in the record thus getting rid of any confusion.  This makes Dante the best training software for companies.

  • The delegates are automatically invited to give feedback for their completed course. You can then send them their certificate that can be generated using a customized template.

Dante ensures that your delegates are updated at all times about the courses they sign up for. The software lets you set up expiry dates for various courses so that the delegates are notified earlier on to book a refresher course on time.

Supervisors and coordinators can receive delegates attendee information, results and be notified when the certificates have been received and posted. This makes the software one of the best course tracking system that there is.

You cannot prevent delegate dropouts. For this reason, Dante is designed to handle this in a seamless way. Dante features a cancellation fee meaning that cancelled delegates can be charged a certain amount of fee and can easily be booked for a new course.


Make delegate registration easy with Dante Systems

Make delegate registration easy with Dante Systems


3.   Super online booking features

You need software that updates course information in real-time and effortlessly. Dante is just that and much more, the software displays a list of available courses on the online booking portal. The setup is easy for your delegates to navigate through. It features categories and subcategories for easy filtering. Delegates can easily use keywords to find the course that they are looking for.

Even when your offices are closed, Dante is awake! This course management system is open to receiving payments. You can set up the software to display the customers’ course pricing and enable the booking to be made on the account.

By using an API, you can easily integrate this software into your website making it possible for you to promote your course how you want without coming in between any processes.


4.   One of a kind marketing and CRM features

To keep you organized at all times, Dante comes with a Customer Relationship Management system to make sure that your delegates’ information is stored at one centralized place.

You will love the fact that all the communications are logged using specific actions to ensure that each party is on the know on which stage of the sales process they are at.

  • You can easily set up mailboxes to read emails instantly and automatically log them as an action to the correct contact in your system.

Turn this software into a tracking system. You can create sales tracks for all active enquires to log course information that they desire to book. Follow by emailing the course availability and set up the booking to shut down the sales process automatically. This makes it easier for the sales reps to make a report on the open, won and lost sales.

Marketing is a vital aspect of your business that cannot be ignored. Dante’s built-in mailer and campaign let you send out bulk emails to your email subscribers during a campaign targeting the delegates’ previous courses. The delegates can then be updated on the due dates and when they expire. As part of marketing your available courses, you can also include other courses that can be of interest to them.

Make use of campaigns to track when your emails are opened and the delegate who opened them.



There is no single doubt that Dante is the best course management system that can be tailored to meet all your business needs. The software comes with robust features to make the booking process seamless so that you can focus on other aspects of growing your business.


If you wish to know more?

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