Why we chose a TMS system (Dante)

  • Previously creating/updating manual spreadsheets.
  • Multiple separate folders to store data on a delegate and/or course level.
  • Every step of booking/attending/awarding training was manually completed.

Set-up of Dante platform

Creating multiple courses – entering valuable information that is then used elsewhere in the platform, making scheduling courses simpler.

Creating dateless courses – for the purpose of e-learning courses which are not date specific, but still allowing us to capture the delegates training history within 1 profile

Creating Resources and Venues – valuable for ensuring there are no double bookings of trainers, venues, equipment etc. Automatically sending calendar invitations to book resources at the point of scheduling.

Company accounts/Payment terms – allowing easy recording for customers on certain payment terms, reflecting in invoices issued via the platform.

Delegate profiles/historic training records – being able to import historic training, keeping each delegates records under one tab.

Custom Fields – visible on the course schedule page for ease of viewing data needed for awarding training on awarding body platforms.

Custom Document/email templates – JI’s, Certificates, Attendance summary, IQA Surveys, Post-course information – automatically populated information and send with a few simple clicks.


Accounting Software (Xero) – generates invoices per booking, saves manually creating these, if paid via card (Stripe), payment status updates in Dante.

Feedback Provider – links to Coursecheck to automatically create feedback surveys per course scheduled in Dante.

Zapier/Zoom – when scheduling virtual courses to be delivered via Zoom, Dante feeds Zapier, which then cross references the Dante schedule for certain information (such as the resource ‘Zoom’, and a specific ‘trainer’ resource) once courses that meet the requirement are located, Zapier then feeds Zoom to create a meeting based on the schedule information provided by Dante, Zoom then feeds back to Zapier with the Zoom meting information (such as meeting ID, passcode and URL), Zapier then feeds Dante with this information and updates the respective scheduled course. Taking away the lengthy process when creating months’ worth of course schedules in Dante, then creating individual meetings in Zoom and copying across the meeting information.

Website/Online Bookings – scheduled courses are added to our website with the simple tick of a box when schedules are created, no more manually updating the website. Customers can then select their preferred date and book from there, entering coordinator and delegate information that feeds back into Dante, creating/updating delegate/company information as well as invoice/payment information.

Time Saving: (Automatic TML tasks)

Previous steps to schedules a course and book a delegate onto training:

  1. Plan training dates on manual spreadsheet.
  2. Sends calendar invitations to trainer.
  3. Update website with training dates.
  4. Create Zoom meeting per course/trainer.
  5. Create Coursecheck feedback survey form per course/trainer.
  6. Customer emails requesting training dates.
  7. GTT reply with availability.
  8. Customer replies with preferred date.
  9. GTT manually reserve space on a spreadsheet and create a formal quote to send to customer for their acceptance.
  10. Customer accepts formal quote.
  11. GTT creates an invoice and attaches a delegate list for completion.
  12. Customer completes and returns delegate list and makes payment.
  13. GTT updates manual spreadsheet with delegate information.
  14. 1-2 day before planned course GTT create PDF joining instructions and email template for course, manually sends to each delegate and the booking contact.
  15. Await confirmation from trainer (usually the next day) for who attended training.
  16. Award training on relevant awarding body platform, manually emails delegate and booker with result/outcome of training and any post training information.
  17. If a customer requests a report of all delegates we have trained, this involves manually scrolling through spreadsheets to find any delegate associated with that company and noting this down to send across.

Current steps via Dante to schedules a course and book a delegate onto training:

  1. Select a pre-created course schedule template from Dante, select trainers, resources, and multiple dates across several months.
  2. Dante schedules these in the course calendar automatically and sends the trainer 1 email with all dates assigned to add to their calendar, whilst also booking venue resources as required.
    Integration with Zapier automatically creates a zoom meeting for courses assigned with the ‘Zoom’ venue resource, populates and distributes the meeting data into the schedule and assigns to the respective ‘Trainer’ resource zoom account without any manual involvement.
    Integration with Coursecheck automatically syncs at 8am each day, creating feedback survey links based on the course scheduled and the trainer assigned. Links are then emailed to the trainer the day before the course for distribution after completion.
    Simple tick box on the course schedule and the website is updated with dates and spaces available per course.
  3. Customers book directly via the website, selecting dates and number of spaces per course required, enter booking coordinators details and even create a login for ease of future bookings, enter delegate information and check out making payment by card or requesting to pay by invoice.
    Delegate and coordinator information is populated into the course(s) booked on Dante, payment status is updated, and an invoice is created via Xero.
  4. Pre-created joining instruction templates automatically get populated by the course schedule information and can be issued to the delegate and the coordinator in just a few clicks.
  5. Trainer access allows for real time updates of who is in attendance of the course and results following completion, meaning that we can swiftly process the qualification with the awarding body and use pre-created email templates to send coordinators an attendance summary and the delegate any post training information.
  6. Training reports can easily be generated from the Dante platform and issued on a delegate level or a company level if requested by a customer.

Manual admin time has been significantly cut in half, reduces the chance of human error whilst processing large volumes of data. A quicker and more efficient service to our customers. Report data readily available for customers as well as internal reporting. Clearer training records per company and delegate.