For any service-based business, booking software is vital in improving customer experience.  There are more than enough course booking software in the market and each boasts unique features. So, how do you identify one that offers value for the money?

Dante is a course booking software that is designed to make online booking as simple as possible. The system comes with several unmatched course booking features that are focused on eliminating unnecessary hassles, thus helping you build a successful brand.

Dante; the Ideal Course Booking Software In 2020

Why should you choose Dante over other online course booking systems?

1.   Dedicated Online Course booking

Dante has an impressive way of managing customer accounts. The customer accounts can be set up based on given credit terms and course fees agreements; the discount can be applied on all courses or to a few chosen ones. The payment plan will be also automatically added to customers’ invoices.

  • This software lets you send automated payment reminder emails so that it is easier for you to stay on top of the payments. You can also include an option for paying using a credit card in the invoice. This makes it easier for the customers to make payments without having to check into another platform.

Dante seamlessly integrates with your accounts and gives you the upper hand of importing your customers from account packages into the Dante systems.  You may also export any invoiced order or credits to ensure that both systems are updated.

Let your customers book and pay through the currency of their choice.  You can send an invoice in your system’s default currency or change the currency for an invoice. Amazingly, the Dante system automatically calculates the amount in different currencies depending on the conversion rates at that time. Additionally, you can set a VAT rate for the entire course booking or just to a specific individual.

  • For Dante course booking software, the invoices are an automatically locked down; this means that no one can alter the invoice amount, apart from the administrator.

Any new course information can be updated in real-time, including new course available dates. All the updated information is stored on the booking portal which you can brand with your company logos or colours.

  • Let your customers filter the courses by a keyword to save their time. Also, Dante software interface is mobile friendly; delegates can make the booking in minutes using their smartphones.

 Even when the physical business offices are closed, such as on holidays, Dante course booking system makes it possible for you to receive payments and fill up course vacancies fast. The system is up and effective all day and night long.

Dante course booking software seamlessly integrates with your business website through the provided API key. This feature gives you an excellent chance to promote your course whichever way you wish.

Dante’s API is standard; you can have your website developers customise the whole experience for you!

Excellent Course Management System

 Dante gives you an easy time when it comes to assigning resources such as venues and tutors. The screens are incredibly responsive, and you get to check course attendance from the scheduling screen where you can even schedule course calendar up to several dates ahead or even a year.

  • You will love the intuitive screens that allow you to book multiple courses at ago.  You can also schedule a new course for the existing customers or unique individuals in minutes.
  • Dante makes it possible for you to view and manage the calendar of your venues, tutors and much more.  This course management software lets you synchronise your schedules with other platforms such as outlook to enable your tutors to use their calendars.

This software lets you set up activities depending on the course.  Dante features task automation, a feature you can take advantage of to send emails and SMS such as tutor attendance sheets, class joining instructions and more.

Dante boasts excellent reporting features. With this software, you get a wide range of reports such as attendances, number of bookings, course profits and more. The software also lets you create, save and schedule reports based on your type of business and preferences.

 Top-notch administration System

Staying organised makes it easier for you to scale your business to greater heights. Dante course booking system lets you record all the delegate information in a secure cloud-based server which you can access from any place as long as you have access to the internet.

Any communication with the delegates will be stored in their records; so you know what has been sent and when!

  • Customer feedback is crucial for any business.  You can automatically invite a delegate to complete an evaluation sheet specific to their completed course.

Dante course booking software’s administration dashboard allows you to set up expiry dates for any course of your choice, and the delegates are automatically notified before the given expiry date.

  • Company managers can also receive information about their delegate’s courses attendance and results. They will also be informed when their certificates have been received and uploaded.

Dante helps you customise your customer experience. The software features several custom templates that can be used in several areas in the course booking process. The course joining instructions, invoices,  emails and SMS can be tailored to meet your needs.

Dante handles course cancellation like a pro software that it is! The software lets you charge a given fee to the course cancelled and quickly transfer the delegate to a new course of their choice. This will automatically create space for other new delegates.

Seamless  CRM integration

Dante ensures that all the information per customer is kept in one central place. All communication is also logged using actions so that each member of your team is kept updated on each development.

  • Dante course booking software features a built-in mailer to make it possible for you to send bulk and targeted emails to your subscribers.  Email campaigns let you know the number of customers who opened your emails and when!

This software seamlessly integrates with other third-party software that you may already be using in your brand.  Dante makes it easier for you to run your business in the most dedicated modern way ever.

Our final thoughts on choosing the best Course booking software in 2020

You make time to focus on the other aspect of your business when you give your customers the ability to book their online courses at their convenience. There is no doubt that you will be working smart, staying on top of your appointments and communication for the goodness of your brand.