The face of running a business has changed tremendously over the last two decades. Businesses have now moved from physical meetings to a click of a button. We no longer have as many offices as before because businesses have moved online. Well, one of the most noticeable changes has been the way people book for their courses. Booking systems are here to stay and are getting better day by day.

How will a booking system such as Dante benefit your business? This article reviews the world’s leading course and training management system Dante and explains why it is a breath of fresh air to your business.

But first,

What is an online booking system?

An online booking system is a software that enables clients and new customers to pay for an activity and make a reservation directly through a website. Each activity, from scheduling interviews to making payments is purely done online thus highly reducing your workload and chances of double booking occurring.


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Implementing the right course booking software to solve your training management issues can have a massive effect on your business. Test drive the Dante solution today to see how it can positively affect your sales.

Why choose Dante as your course booking and training management software?

As a leading online booking tool, you can already guess that Dante has so much to offer your business. The app is of particular interest to businesses that thrive on online booking, right from waste booking to course booking, the app’s possibilities and uses are just endless!


1.   Inbuilt financing system

Dante enables you to set up customer accounts with specific credit terms and course price. This makes it easier for you to apply a discount across all the accounts and have the payment terms automatically updated.

The software features an automated payment reminder so that your customers can receive timely emails about pending payments.  Your customers can then opt to check out using their credit, an option included in the invoice email.

  • Dante supports integration with any of your accounts. This makes it possible for you to import any data to your systems so that all your systems are updated periodically.
  • The software automatically calculates an invoice amount based on the default currency and the conversation rate. Additionally, the software enables you to set up a value-added tax to an individual or the entire system and also makes it easy for you to allow zero value-added tax for any international invoices.

To protect your hard-earned money, the system automatically locks down so that no one else besides you make a change to the invoice. Furthermore, any changes made to your data are logged in the audit log so that you can see who made the changes and when.

Dante features several custom invoice templates and also supports course cancellation effortlessly.

2.   Excellent course management

Dante’s newly designed booking and scheduling screens make it easy to or you to schedule a course in no time. You can now easily assign venues and check into attendances from a single screen.

Dante lets you schedule your full-year calendar of course at in no time. The system’s intriguing screens allow you to book several courses for individuals or businesses at once from your administration dashboard.

To avoid the conflicting event, the software lets you view and manage your tutors, types of equipment and venues ahead of time. Additionally, you can be able to synchronize your events automatically with calendar apps such as office 365 to allow your tutors to use their calendar.

  • Dante features task automation which enables you to set up several to-do lists and assign to different team members. The automated activities are then sent via text or email at the scheduled time. This feature makes it possible for you to easily send reminders, course updates, invitations and tutor attendance lists and more.
  • The software’s provides you with real-time reports on different course profits or losses to give you an insight into the progress of your business.

Dante’s evaluation and monitoring system gives reports on tutor sessions, individual sessions and much more thus enabling you to use the feedback to improve your business in the future.

3.   Easy integration

As a business, you want to stay organized and on top of every activity that goes on in your business. Dante’s CRM system ensures that all your valuable data is stored in a centralized place. As of not enough, all communications within your business are logged in using actions to keep everyone in the know.

Dante allows you to create sale tracks for any active inquiries so that your customers can log course information that they wish to book. The course availability is automatically emailed to your customers and the booking closed down when classes are full.

4.   Increased Customer engagement

Set up your email campaign using Dante’s inbuilt mailer. This tool lets you send multiple emails and texts targeting the specific type of your customers. Your customers can be notified of the upcoming courses earlier enough so that they stayed prepared.   Know the number of prospects that have opened the email using the software’s campaign feature.

5.   Excellent administrative features

Dante comes with a secure, centralized location where you can record all your information and access it from any corner of the world using with an internet connection. Any communication with your customers is stored in their record making it easier for you to know what has been sent.

  • Dante understands that your business needs both positive and negative feedback for better marketing in the future. For this reason, the software automatically invites your clients to complete the evaluation sheet feedback. Their certificates are also computer generated and sent out on customized templates.
  • The software’s robust administrative features also make it easier for supervisors to receive information about their team attendance, results and when to expect certificates of course completion.

Dante handles any course cancellations effortlessly.   Any successful cancellation automatically attracts a fee; your customers can be transferred to a new course immediately

6.   Highly convenient

Dante features real-time course updates so that your customers can make early bookings. The updates are automatically displayed on your business portal that can be branded with your logos and company colours

Dante features an online portal that is always accessible. This enables you to receive payments from your customers when your offices are closed for the weekend or holiday. Additionally, the integration of multiple merchants makes it possible for you to receive payments from any corner of the world.

Dante works effortlessly to make your experience unique in every way. All the templates right from email, invoices, booking confirmations and many more are tailored to meet your expectations. The templates contain only necessary information addressing the client in person.

Final thoughts

There is no single doubt that online booking systems are on the rise.  They are now much affordable, easy to use and safer than they were years ago.  So why wouldn’t you ride on the glory of an online booking system? An online booking software such as Dante will change the way you conduct your business for the better.


If you wish to know more?

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