If you’re looking to expand your training business, adding an online booking system to your website allows you to accept bookings around the clock. By turning your website into an online booking system, you create an automated channel for taking course bookings and you can invest in digital channels to increase the volume of opportunities coming to your site.

In this article, we look at how you can add a course booking system to your website to turn online bookings into your biggest growth strategy.


What is an online course booking system?

An online booking system allows you to accept course booking on your website in the same way shoppers buy products from eCommerce websites. With a quality online booking system, users can visit your course pages, check dates and availability and book places on the spot without calling up to check on details.

By providing all of the information customers need and creating a frictionless booking process, website visitors can book their places without any delays.

Demo online course booking graphic

If you’re looking for a training management system (TMS) to grow your training business, a course booking system is a key feature you should look for.

With an online course booking system, it’s crucial that the booking interface, checkout process and payment processes all integrate seamlessly with your website to maintain a consistent experience. Users should never notice that you’ve installed software on your website or that they’re being redirected to a payment gateway.

So make sure your course booking system offers all of the following:

  • Website integration so you can take bookings on your course pages.
  • Customer account portal: An interface for customers to manage their bookings.
  • Payment processing: Integration with payment processors so you can accept payments on your website.
  • Checkout pages: Customisable checkout pages to match the design of your website.
  • Live course availability that always shows the number of available seats in real-time.

For more information on choosing the best course booking system, take a look at these two articles:


How to add a course booking system to your website

To provide a seamless experience throughout the online booking processes, Dante takes care of the whole implementation process for you. This means you don’t need to worry about installing any software, customising design or troubleshooting technical issues.

Our team works with you directly to install your online course booking system and customise the experience to perfectly match your website. We test the system before launch to make sure everything is in working order so customers can start booking right away and our excellent support team is always on call if you experience technical issues.

You can learn more about our 6-step setup process on our implementation page.


  1. Phase 1: Needs Assessment – We learn about your existing training administration process to determine what your business needs from our software. Next, we configure your trial system to integrate with your current processes and provide the tools to make them more efficient.
  2. Phase 2: Free Trial – During your free trial, you have full access to our platform to learn how it benefits your business. We recommend setting up a few of your current courses and customers in the system, as a trial, so you can see how this will work once you go live.
  3. Phase 3: Training & Setup – We schedule a kick-off call to discuss goals and timeframes that work for you. Our team gathers all the information it needs to import your current resources, such as historical training data, email templates and documents that need adding to the new system.
  4. Phase 4: Data Import – We handle the entire data migration process for you and help you prepare your data for seamless import with guides and templates.
  5. Phase 5: Go-Live – Now, your system is ready to go! Your team is confident with the platform, they’re trained to get the best out of our training management software and you’re equipped with everything you need to build a bigger, more efficient training business.
  6. Phase 6: Ongoing Support – The work never ends from our perspective. We provide ongoing support and adapt your system to meet the changing needs of your business as it continues to grow.


This implementation process means your online booking system is ready to start generating revenue for your business as soon as it’s added to your website and our ongoing support means you’re always covered if you run into any technical issues.


Is Dante the perfect training management software for your business?

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