It may not be easy to turn your employees into long term performers without continued training and mentoring. It takes comprehensive planning and coordination to execute a successful employee training program.

As a business, you have to think about the scope of your training and the specific roles required.  Lots of these procedures are mostly done manually thus leading to fatigue and in most cases, undesired outcome. Fortunately for you, this article will help you understand why you need a training course administration in your business. You will also learn about the best training software in the market to help you get away from lots of manual tiring tasks.


Are training course administration systems important?

A training course administration system is usually designed to help businesses manage all their aspects of training administration so as to enhance better running of businesses. Here are some of the benefits of  a  training course administration:

1. Sell your online courses

A training course administrator enables you to sell online courses through an online booking system. What this means is that you can easily add this system to your website so that you are able to effortlessly sell online courses. All the activities that make the process successful are automated.

2. Simple Resource management

Keeping track of all the resources in a company is tiring and stressful. A course training administrator lets you record all your business resources and assign them to courses you will want to schedule.

3. Automated communications

A training administration program makes communication so simple, you won’t believe it. The system lets you send emails automatically so that you save time for other tasks in your business that can not be automated. All you need to do is to set the triggers and the emails will be sent whenever necessary.

4. Help generate reports

With an excellent training administrator, you won’t have to worry about creating reports. The system lets you pull all the data in the administrative into reports. The reports are usually updated in real-time so you don’t have to worry about adding data to your reports manually.

5. Keeps you organised

Each business desires to keep all its vital data in a single place. All data are is easily pulled when needed thanks to the excellent integration between CRM, booking system, reporting system, communication system and learning system.

The software lets you worry about anything else but not where your information is stored.


How to streamline your training course administration for your company

Here are some tips to help you successfully streamline your training course administration for your company:

1.   Plan

Each person in a business plays a different role. You need to come up with a  training program that fully takes care of their needs. Each person joining your business needs special attention in their area of expertise.

  • Carry out a broad assessment of the gap areas in your company
  • Always allow your team members to take part in developing their training program
  • Notify your new employees about your training course so as to keep them prepared at all times.

2. Organise yourself

It is important to stay super organised in the process of streamlining a course training program. You will have to create a list of all the programs that you intend to run.

3. Automate your activities

As you can already see, coming up with a training course is not an easy task.  Most companies are not able to come up with a training course administrator of their own. Fortunately, there some training course administrators such as Dante that will do almost everything for you! Such software will help you make most if not all training processes automatic.

4. Do not forget to watch results over time

Learning is a continuous process.  Because of this, it is not possible to measure its impact immediately. It is therefore advisable to look into specifics on a regular basis so that you are able to determine your training course administrator success or fail.


office training course administration - Dante Systems

office training course administration


Why Dante?

Dante is a house name when it comes to providing training management solutions to your company. For over 28 years the company prides itself in giving you nothing but the best.

  • The software is highly secured so you do not have to worry about hacking. Additionally, it is highly reliable and trusted by several companies for distance learning.
  • The system lets you configure it to work according to your needs, thanks to its several behind the scene settings.
  • Dante’s support system is amazing. The company is fast in responding to emails and calls so that you have the peace of mind you deserve. Additionally, the software constantly updates new features so as to keep your recent with your training administration
  • It is worth mentioning that Dante comes with flexible licensing based o9n the number of users at a time with no extra  costs

Dante special features

Here some of the most outstanding features of Dante’s training course administration software:

1. Detailed training administration

Dante is a comprehensive training administration that lets you schedule several dates of courses once effortlessly. You will also be able to manage each course booking software system expiration so that it is easier for you to schedule for new training.

This software automatically sends texts and email reminders to your preferences. Dante lets you view and manage calendars of tutors and venues.

2.   Built-In CRM

Dante saves you the headache of sourcing for excellent CRM. The software comes with its inbuilt CRM to help you keep track of communications with your customers, leads and suppliers.  The system creates targeted bulk mailshots and can also be connected to your email account to automatically store communications against contracts. As if not enough, the CRM system lets you track your sales and quotations.

3.   Excellent integration

Dante lets you export invoices to other account packages. Additionally, the software automatically imports your customers and suppliers data from your systems to the Human Resource systems. The software further enables you to add any website using their API. Linking to an external active directory for login is now made simple with Dante.

4.   Comprehensive reporting

The software automates reports so that you are able to send them elsewhere automatically.  Furthermore, you can create a custom report using the software’s report writer.  With Dante, you have yourself a comprehensive and flexible reporting system that is reliable all through.

5. Online course booking software

This software enables you to set up training managers for businesses so that it gets easier to manage training and bookings. Online payments are now made easier with a payment provider that you prefer. The software is Search Engine Optimised and even lets you integrate it to your website for better results.

Our last thoughts

As you can see, there are several benefits of a training course administration system. Your business success lies in the power to automate most back-office processes so that your hands are free for other activities. Dante is a leading producer of the best training management software that never disappoints.