Training providers have to juggle a lot of admin work between running courses, handling bookings, nurturing customer relationships and managing resources. Course management is a real challenge for training companies, especially if you’re running a busy schedule filled with courses, and inefficiencies can stifle the growth of your business.

The more time your team has to spend on repetitive admin tasks, the less time they have to focus on more profitable activities, such as nurturing customers and encouraging further bookings – the actions that generate revenue. In this article, we ask whether inefficient course management is holding back revenue and how the right software solution could transform your growth prospects.


Course management is time-consuming

Course management is time-consuming but, when you analyse the tasks taking up the bulk of your team’s effort, they’re mostly repetitive admin tasks that software can either automate or make more efficient. For example, adding new courses to your schedule takes a long time if you have to create everything manually but course templates cut out unnecessary repetition so you only have to edit the details that need changing each time.

Likewise, scheduling multiple courses into your calendar can be tricky if you’ve got a lot of courses to fit into the year. However, with an advanced course scheduler, you can create your courses, fit them into a schedule and easily move things around without having to redraw the entire schedule.


Is poor productivity holding back your training business?

Is your team spending more time doing admin than developing courses? Are you missing out on potential clients because you can’t manage all of your requests efficiently? These are the kind of questions you need to answer to determine whether poor productivity is holding back your training business.

There’s no shame in suffering from productivity issues, either. The good news is, technology is very capable of solving these problems as long as you’re able to identify them. For example, if you can determine that you’re missing out n revenue from customers who fail to pay on time, you can implement tools to automatically chase up payments and notify sales staff about customers’ payment histories.

Getting back to course management, here are some of the most common drains on productivity:


  • Course scheduling: Manually creating and scheduling courses from scratch every time.
  • Resource management: Assigning and reallocating resources without a software solution that automatically updates availability and allocation.
  • Certificates: Manually creating and filling out certificates for every delegate.
  • Course bookings: Taking and managing course bookings through offline channels only.
  • Payments: Requiring customers to pay in-person or over the phone with no online support.
  • Invoices: Manually creating invoices for each customer every month.
  • Correspondents: Manually writing and sending every email and making every call.
  • Follow-ups: Manually contacting customers to promote further bookings or chase payments.
  • Data entry: Manual data entry increases the risk of human error.
  • Customer nurturing: Checking which customers and leads to reach out to with offers or promotions.


Training management software is designed to eliminate these repetitive tasks that slow your business down and allow you to work more efficiently. For example, a TMS allows you to upload, update, and review customer documentation in one central location, instead of pulling information in from a bunch of different files on your system.

Improving productivity isn’t the only way course management software will increase revenue and growth for your training business, either. Not only will your team be able to achieve more in a shorter time frame, they’ll also make far fewer mistakes hit your profits and they’ll be able to make smarter decisions – for example, seeing customers’ booking histories in your CRM and knowing which ones are most likely to make further bookings and which times of the year they’re most receptive to responding to offers.


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