1. Minimise Required Information

You’ll often see websites with complex registration forms and then taking excess information about delegates, but it’s always best to have the bare minimum information and then retrieve additional information such as DOB, NI Number or registration number after booking has been placed. Wouldn’t you rather have a course booking system that takes 5 minutes to chase the information up, rather than no booking at all?

When taking online payments, please remember to check with your payment merchant to ensure you meet the guidelines as the majority will require certain pieces of information such as address or email as standard.

2. Display accurate course date, time and location information

Coordinators and delegates won’t book courses if they don’t know the exactly what they’re booking. This is why it’s important to have a constant feed of information feeding from your course booking system to automatically keep your website up to date.

In Delegate Planner, we offer a wide variety of API’s and plugins for displaying course information.

3. Track drop offs with Google Analytics

Minimising bottlenecks in the sales funnel is a crucial step in maximising the frequency of your online bookings and Google analytics funnel is a great way to track this. You’ll see in the screenshot below you can easily detect how many users dropped off at each stage of the booking process

Some of the items to look out for include:

  1. Course information – This is perhaps the most common stage for a drop off, perhaps the course content isn’t quite what they require or maybe even the cost is a little too high for them. We recommend ensuring as many course dates are displayed at this stage along with accurate course content and a high level of value is shown
  2. Online payment – Drop offs at this stage are the most frustrating, if a high number of these occur it’s important to test a payment yourselves and contact your payment merchant. Also, if the booker has given their details and given permission to be contacted, it’s definitely worthwhile to chase this up over the phone

4. Offer Guidance along the process

Yes, a basic off the shelf course can be easily booked online, however what about the delegate who attended the course training at another provider but left the country before they could pass their theory and practical test? Everybody’s situation is different when booking courses and you cannot answer every question and cover every barrier to booking in the course content page.

This is why we recommend ensuring a phone number is always displayed for enquiries, or better yet, include an online chat at the bottom corner of your website. A great one we’ve used that offers a free service for up to 3 sales reps and even an app on your phone to pick up messages is tidio

If you wish to know more?

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