A training management system (TMS) should fit seamlessly into your business, streamlining the day-to-day management of your training company. Integrations play a key role in this, ensuring that your TMS works with your other software tools to create a seamless workflow without data losses or constantly switching between different tools to complete a task.

In this article, we look at the top five integrations you should look for in a training management system.

1. Accounting software integration

A key function of a training management system is to stay on top of payments and finance. You need a robust system for sending invoices, tracking payments and following up on any outstanding bills while managing customer accounts as they continue to do business with you.

Customer accounts typically have tailored rates and credit limits, depending on their purchase history and, perhaps, the size of their business. So you also want an accounting system that allows you to set and manage the terms of your agreement and the payments of every customer.

Dante integrates with Sage and Xero, allowing you to import all of your accounting data and settings into our TMS and manage payments from one system. If you’re using a different accounting platform, we can also build custom integrations using Zapier or developing one from scratch, using our API.

2. Website integration

Your training management system should integrate seamlessly with your website, allowing you to create and upload courses, accept online bookings and automatically update resource availability as things progress. When visitors view your course pages, they should see live availability so they can browse dates, view available slots and book with confidence.

With real-time data synchronisation, you can fully automate online bookings without any double bookings and you can increase incentive among visitors when they see course availability is getting lower.

Dante integrates with WordPress and other CMS platforms while our in-house developers create custom integrations for websites built from scratch.

3. Payment gateway integration

To accept course bookings on your website, you need an online booking system that integrates with your website but you also payment gateway integration to accept credit card payments. Dante offers native support for Worldpay, Opayyo and Stripe (coming soon), which should cover all of your payment needs.

To maximise online bookings, you’ll also need the correct marketing strategies in place to bring traffic to your website. Take a look at our post on how to drive more traffic to your course booking website for advice on the top inbound marketing strategies for training providers.

 4. Calendar integration

Your training management software should also integrate with calendar apps so that you can manage resources on your end, knowing that changes are automatically updated in the calendar app for your training, delegates and other individuals.

Dante natively integrates with Microsoft Outlook with real-time syncing, meaning all changes made within the training management software are automatically updated in Outlook. Your team, trainers, delegates and other personnel have constant access to the latest schedules and notifications when anything changes to ensure everyone is on the same page.

5. Integration with CRM

A customer relationship Management system simply lets you manage your communications with your prospects and clients easily. An integrated CRM helps you manage customer accounts at every stage of buying cycle, taking the hard work out of sales and customer service. With all of your data housed in one place, you can deal with issues faster, optimise your processes and identify high-value customers to prioritise.

The best CRMs on the market are expensive but the real problem is they’re not designed for the unique needs of training service providers. So we decided to build our own Training CRM into Dante that addresses the challenges of managing customers, accounts and course bookings – so you don’t need to get this software from somewhere else.

With our CRM, you can manage trainer, delegate and resources data alongside customer accounts, so that you can deliver the best services to every customer. You can view attendance, booking histories, payment records and send automatic emails to keep customers in the loop, notify them about upcoming training expiry and encourage the next booking.

Is Dante the perfect TMS for your training business?

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