A training management system should be able to offer convenience, comfort and personalization at all times. Several features should be integrated with a training management system to make it as competitive as possible.

  • Inbuilt or pre-built integrations highly reduce cost, time, effort and complexity associated with manual integrations.

This article has highlighted the key integrations to help you bring value to your training management system.

1. Accounts package integration

One of the functions of a training system is to help you stay on top of your payments. In most if not all cases, the customer accounts are set up with specific credit terms as per the course, this is to allow for the application of discounts across several or certain courses. The system lets you set up your default currency or change the currency in the invoice and the system automatically makes calculations in different currency depending on the conversation rates.

An accounts package integration like that of Dante, lets you import your customers from account package into the training systems and again export any invoiced orders or credits to sage, Xero etc so that both systems are updated.

  • Most systems offer the option of paying using the credit card. With the help of task automation feature, one can be able to send automated payment reminders through texts and emails.

2. Integration with your team

A training management system should include robust scheduling and booking screens. Dante’s booking screens are intuitive thus allowing your clients to book several courses at once in minutes. The system should allow you to assign tutors and venues from a single scheduling screen to save you time.

To keep each member in your team on the loop, a training system such as Dante should give you the ability to set up a to-do list that is assigned to a certain administrator then organized by priority.

The best course training systems such as Dante boosts task automation that can be used to send messages and emails to your clients.  Automation makes it easy for one to send invitations, reminders, attendee sheets and much more.

 3. Integration with calendars

An excellent training system should with no doubt include outlook calendar integration. This type of integration allows you to view and manage tutors, types of equipment, venues and other resources available. To help you avoid conflicting events, this feature lets you synchronize events automatically with an outlook calendar so that your tutors can continue using their calenders.

4. Website integration

You do not need to create a separate course for your online training; website integration simply makes it simple for you to pull course information and dates onto your website.

Website integration not only saves you time but also helps you cut down on duplicate data entry. Since all the information is being pulled from one source you won’t have to worry about the information on the website is different from what is in your training management system. The information available on the website is updated instantly from the training management system thus giving you the confidence you need to run your businesses knowing that all information is up to date.

5. Integration with CRM

A customer relationship Management system simply lets you manage your communications with your prospects and clients easily. An integrated CRM will save you time spent mobbing files and folders across several pieces of software and of course money!   The best CRMs in the market cost some fortune!

The course bookings can be made and tracked from the start contact to the last order made and invoiced all in one centralized area. Although we have an integrated CRM, we understand your organization may already have a corporate CRM that you need to keep. That’s why we offer integrations with CRM systems such as Sugar CRM.

Our CRM system ensures that your customer details including inquiries and contact are kept in a safe centralized place. The system lets you log into communications using actions so that everyone can know where they are in the sales funnel.

The CRM allows you to create sales tracks for the active inquiries to log course in the formation that they want to book. You can then email the course availability and set up the booking to close down the sales process automatically.

Sending out bulk emails and targeted emails to your email subscribers have been made effortlessly, thanks to the Sugar CRM.  You can now segment your email list depending on the previous course attended by delegates, contacts or groups. Dante boasts several email templates to meet each of your needs instantly. Through the emails, the delegates are automatically notified when their course is about to expire.  The inbuilt campaign tool tracks your campaign success by letting you know when the emails are opened by your clients.

Connecting with emails to deliver a CRM integration - Dante Systems

Connecting with emails to deliver a CRM integration – Dante Systems


Our last words

Above are the 5 vital course training management integration options that we consider the must-haves for any commercial training system. Dante’s integration options are endless. There are so many ways in which the training software can upgrade the learning experience.

As a business, there is no longer a good reason as to why you should settle for a non- flexible course training system. The best online training platforms should effortlessly support whatever third-party integrations that bring value to your business.


If you wish to know more?

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