Managing delegates is one of the most time-consuming tasks for training providers but this is one of the key aras where a training management system (TMS) can help. An important features of any TMS is a delegate management system that reduces the admin workload of organising and running courses.

In this article, we explain the role of delegate management and what you should look for in a software platform that promises to help you streamline the running of your training business.


What are the key functions of a delegate management system?

The key role of a delegare management system is to give your team greater control while reducing the manual workload of handling delegates. Essentially, your software tools should allow you to do more in a shorter amount of time by automating repetitive tasks and alloing team memebrs to make changes quickly and easily.

For example, if you run into schedule conflict with a training venue and need to change the location of a training course, your delegate management software should allow you to make these these changes and automtically notify all of the delegates assigned to the course in question.

You shouldn’t have to contact delegates individually to inform them about changes.

Here’s a quick summary of the key features you should look for in a delegate management system:


  • Degalate profiles for quickly capturing and storing delegate information, such as IDs, licence numbers and signatures.
  • Certificate generation: Create certificates for delegates upon course completion.
  • Group bookings: Add group bookings to a course date and make changes to individual delegate assignments at any time.
  • Cancellations & transfers: Easily manage course cancellations and transfer delegates to alternative courses.
  • Evaluation & feedback: Automatically capture meaningful feedback from delegates and improve your courses.
  • Training expiry notifications: Automatically send refresher training reminders ahead of expiry dates.
  • Custom Fields: Store delegate information unique to your business such as awarding body references or license numbers.


Data plays an important role in delegate management, too. For example, you want instant access to information about the company delagates work for, their contact information, training experience and their account data (bookings, invoices, payments, etc.).

This is where many delegate management systems fall short – not only in terms of collecting and access this data but using the information to take action. This is why we’ve built a Training CRM into Dante, which allows you to store and manage delegate profiles.

A screenshot of the delegate scheduler in Dante's training management system

This allows you to manage delegates in bulk, reassign them easily and automate key actions, such as following-up on late payments. You can also prioritise delegates with higher booking volumes and reliable payment histories to keep your most important customers happy.

With Dante’s delegate management system, you can also collect feedback from delegates automatically to improve your curses and services – another key strategy for maximising repeat bookings from the customers who matter most to your business.


Is Dante the perfect TMS for your training business?

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