A training CRM is a specialist piece of software for training service providers for storing and managing customer data. Customer relationship management (CRM) software helps companies provide the best customer experience by compiling relevant data into profiles, such as purchase histories, special requirements and technical support cases.

Training businesses need all of this functionality, too, but standard CRM platforms don’t always cater for the specialist needs of training service providers or integrate with the rest of your tools. A training CRM is designed to meet the specific needs of your business and fit seamlessly into your training management system.


What are the key functions of a training CRM?

The most basic function of any CRM platform is to store your customer data into profiles so you can always access the data you need. This improves the quality of customer service you provide but it also helps you make informed marketing and sales decisions.

For example, you can view your top-spending customers and target them with email campaigns designed to keep them engaged and spending. Or, you could view all customers who booked a specific course and recommend other courses that are relevant.

As a training business, customer profiles aren’t the only datasets you need to manage, though, so a training CRM needs to offer more:


  • Customer database for keeping track of statuses and information throughout the customer cycle.
  • Delegate database: Store and manage delegate data, including availability statuses, qualifications and more.
  • Training database: Access all information related to training, such as bookings, invoices and instructors.
  • Email logging: Automatically record email interactions to keep track of communications.
  • Email tracking: View the exact date and time when recipients receive and open emails.
  • Email automation: Automatically send emails, such as course refresher notifications, to maximise repeat business without getting lost in email exchanges.
  • Refresher training notifications: Automatically notify coordinates and delegates of upcoming training expiry, including links to complete the next booking.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many customer relationship management platforms designed specifically for training businesses and few training management systems include one as part of their software. This makes it difficult to integrate customer data with delegate and other resource information, which is vital for providing the best level of service for your customers.

Dante is one of the few training management systems to include a built-in training CRM system for managing customer data and every other resource. So, when a customer calls you up – for example – to reschedule a course, you know exactly which resources are available to ensure there are no double bookings or unfulfilled promises.


Is Dante the perfect TMS for your training business?

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