A training management system (TMS) is a software platform that provides the tools you need to run a training business. Also known as training management software, a good TMS acts as the hub of your business, allowing you to manage everything from one place.

These tools streamline the day-to-day running of your training business, empowering you to achieve more with the resources at your disposal. With a quality training management system on your site, your company will improve productivity, make fewer mistakes and drive growth, thanks to greater efficiency allowing you to take on more clients and increase revenue.


What are the key functions of a training management system?

We explore this topic in more detail in a previous article, entitled What Are The Most Important Features In A Training Management System? but here’s a summary of the key functions you should expect from a TMS:


  • Course management: A toolkit for scheduling courses, assigning resources and managing schedules.
  • Delegate management: A system for creating delegate profiles, assigning them to courses and creating all the documentation you need.
  • Course booking system: An online booking system implemented on your website.
  • Email automation: Predefined workflows and templates for sending emails automatically.
  • Customer database: A system for storing and managing your customer data.
  • Accounting: Features for sending invoices, tracking payments, managing contracts, etc.
  • Integrations: Native integrations with your other software tools.


A training management system brings all of these tools together, replacing traditional administration processes like spreadsheets or even pen and paper. It provides a single system where your team can do everything from scheduling a new course and assigning resources to raising invoices and communicating with customers.

By putting all of the necessary tools at your team’s fingertips and automating repetitive tasks, a TMS means you spend less time on administration and focus your efforts on securing new customers. An efficient management system allows you to get the most out of every resource, maximising profitability and growth for your training business.


Is Dante the perfect TMS for your training business?

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