Course management software reduces the administration workload of running courses for training providers. By cutting out repetitive tasks and streamlining operations, you can increase revenue by running more courses, filling more seats and maximising resource use without fragmented processes and human error holding you back.

To run a profitable training course, you have to bring a lot of resources together: venues, training material, trainers, delegates, attendees, etc. and running multiple courses at any one time is a logistical challenge for any provider. Course management software makes it easy to manage all of these resources and bring them all together so you can maximise profitability and deal with unforeseen problems (eg: cancellations) in the most effective way.


What are the key functions of course management software?

The primary function of course management software is to help you manage all of the resources required to run your courses from one system. You know exactly which resources are assigned to each course, which resources are still available for use and live updates on anything that changes.

As a result, you no longer need to worry about double bookings and your team can assign (and re-assign) resources with a few clicks, rather than having to make any phone calls to check availability. You can create new courses in minutes and manage resources at every stage of delivery without any delay, allowing you to run more courses at once and increase revenue through a more productive workflow.

Here’s a quick summary of the key features and functionality of our course management software to give you a better idea of what’s on offer:


  • Resource management: Track resources such as trainers, assessors and venues to avoid double bookings.
  • Course scheduler: Seamlessly create and publish an entire years’ worth of training in advance.
  • Real-time booking & registration: Instant updates on bookings, registrations and resource availability.
  • Online booking system: Automate bookings 24/7 and drive growth through online leads.
  • Trainer Matrix: Ensure each trainer is fully qualified to deliver a specific course.
  • Notifications: Automatically notify your trainer by email or sync with their Outlook / Google calendar.
  • Reporting & insights: Gain a 360-degree view of your business to monitor performance and spot opportunities for improvement.


With course management software, it all comes down to greater efficiency. Instead of manually tracking trainer schedules, resource availability and making sure you have everything in place to run all of your courses, you have one system for managing everything – no more scheduling errors, double bookings or resources unintentionally left unused.

This allows you to maximise the use of all resources available to you throughout the year and create schedules that generate the most revenue for your business. You can create new courses in minutes instead of days and manage every stage of delivery with confidence, knowing exactly which resources are assigned to each course. You can even automate course bookings by prioritising online channels, allowing you to fill more seats without your sales team lifting a finger.

Even with the most efficient workflows in place, unavoidable issues are inevitable – anything from trainer sickness to burst pipes at venues. Some problems are out of your control and your course management software may not be able to prevent them, but it can help you deal with them by knowing exactly which trainers are available to fill a spot, which venues you can switch to while pipes are being fixed.

With real-time data, you can respond to challenges faster and identify new opportunities to improve.


Is Dante the perfect course management software for your training business?

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