Email automation is the broad practice of sending email messages to individuals or lists of recipients, at specified times, automatically. Instead of manually sending each email, you can create or use templates and schedule emails to send at specific times or in response to trigger actions.

As a result, your team spends less time in their inboxes and more of it on actions that generate revenue for your business. in this article, we explain why email automation is a crucial technology for training providers and how you can use it to grow your business on autopilot.

What is email automation?

Email automation uses a range of tools to remove the manual workload of email correspondence. The most basic form of email automation is scheduling emails to send at a future date and you can do this with most email clients, such as Gmail.

Taking this one step further, dedicated email automation tools will allow you to schedule emails for entire lists of recipients so you only need to create one message and send it to everyone who needs them. More advanced email automation tools allow you to personalise emails to automatically include the name of recipients.

The most advanced email automation systems help you create email messages faster with templates, create lists of recipients based on historical behaviour (purchase histories, outstanding payments, etc.) and automatically send relevant emails in response to trigger actions – or a lack of trigger action.

For example, you could send automatic booking confirmations every time someone books a place on one of your courses, reminders in days building up to the course date and invoice reminders if payments aren’t received within a specified time frame.

Why email automation matters to training providers

Email automation is a crucial business tool for training providers because you can’t allow email correspondence to bottleneck business growth, Your team shouldn’t have to manually send booking confirmations or chase up missed payments when these actions can be automated and your team only needs to step in when human intervention is required.

For training providers, most email interactions can be automated, provided you have the right software in place. For example, none of the following should require manual email messaging:

  • Booking confirmations
  • Course reminders
  • Invoices
  • Payment confirmations
  • Payment reminders
  • Trainer notifications
  • Refresher training reminders
  • Cross-selling or upselling emails
  • Feedback

If your team is manually sending these types of emails, you’re not maximising productivity and business growth is struggling as a result. If we go back to the example of missed payments, all of the email correspondence should be automated and a team member only steps in when it’s time to call the customer up directly and request the payment over the phone.

Automate email correspondence with Dante

Our training management system comes with built-in email and SMS automation so you can cut out the manual workload of email correspondence. Create your email templates and schedule them to send automatically at set intervals or in response to trigger actions, such as online bookings and payments.

Dante also logs and tracks all of your automated emails, including open tracking so you know when your message has been received. Your team only needs to step in when emails fail to reach the recipient or they fail to open them.

These features are built into our dedicated training CRM, which allows you to manage communication with leads and customers throughout the customer journey. By automating interactions, your team can manage a large volume of customers without getting bogged down in email exchanges.

Is Dante the perfect training management software for your business?

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