E-Learning and online training are here with us. The big question remains, is virtual learning a viable replacement for the classroom training?   The number of institutions offering online learning increases every single day. Course management systems, such as boasts several features that make learning seamless and convenient.  However, some individuals may feel that classroom learning is the best way to deliver information. This article discusses both of these learning modalities regarding the question above.

Some years ago, eLearning was experimental. However, with improved technology, and communication, a good number of institutions already using e-learning course management platforms such as Dante to share their courses with interested learners.

There is no doubt that virtual learning is making tremendous changes in this modern digital era. As much as there are people who think that this type of education does not fit this paradigm, here are reasons why online learning is taking the world by storm.

1. Learner-centred

Virtual learning focuses on the needs of the learner. As compared to the traditional classroom, online is more effective when it comes to delivering lessons. Remember that this type of learner has no instructor and so the course is usually designed to help them learn with ease.

Online courses through course management systems such as Dante boost dedicated support system to help the learner when necessary. Additionally, the learner can take the course in a manner that makes sense to them. The learner can learn as much as they want and also carry out their research, which improves performance at the end of the end.

Traditional learning focuses on what the instructor in front of the class offers. This makes the instructor the centre of focus. With online learning, learners can determine their own pace instead of following the speed of the tutor. The student may also choose to focus on a particular area and skip some areas that are not of interest to them.  Traditional learning does not offer much flexibility to the learner, one primary reason as to why virtual learning is getting popular each day.

2. Less expensive

Delivering classroom training is quite costly compared to online learning. Online training may take time to develop, but it is easier to provide ongoing courses as compared to traditional classroom learning. Virtual learning happens easily and fast.  A lot of time is saved concerning travel, course material distribution, accommodation, and more.

Online learning’s cost-effectiveness enhances the profitability of an institution. Learners are also less stressed about incurring extra costs when it comes to travelling, especially when classroom learning takes place in a different location.

3. Online learning can be Archived and reused

Let’s be honest; once a learner attends a classroom session, they will never go back to the same course and restudy the same topic. All that one can take from a classroom is a booklet with notes. Virtual learning makes it easier for you to access the available course without having to carry around huge books. Online course management system such as Dante, make it possible for learners to review their curriculum and retake it as much as they wish.  Learners can refer to their online course anytime when performing tasks to lessen the chances of making mistakes.

How does online training compare to classroom learning? - Dante Systems

How does online training compare to classroom learning? – Dante Systems

4. Access up-to-date content

One significant advantage of e-learning over traditional classroom learning is that online learning ensures synchronization with current information.  Students can be confident that they are learning updated information. This, in return, makes learning exciting and worth.

5. Fast and highly accessible

Virtual learning provides fast delivery of lessons as compared to traditional classroom learning. This significantly reduces the time needed for learners to complete their courses.

In virtual learning, learners quickly get access to their learning materials. The lesson timing can be reduced as much as possible, thus enabling the students to complete their education as fast as possible.

Students can be able to find some time even during a busy day to take their course online. Dante is an example of an online learning platform that makes it easier for students to interact with their others to get their queries answered. This makes learning quite fast and enjoyable.

6. Flexible

Online learning is tailored to fit everyone’s needs. The courses can be taken up by busy individuals and well as stay home mums at their preferred time.

Course management systems such as Dante feature task automation that lets institutions send emails, reminders, and invitations to the learners. Learners can also receive course joining instructions and ongoing class attendance sheets.

The digital era has led to significant changes in how people access, consume and share available data. Virtual learning can simply take place anytime depending on the learner’s comfort and availability.

7. Better learning outcome

Learning is said to have taken place when desired results are achieved. E-Learning facilitates are regularly creating and communicating new ideas and concepts.  This mode of learning allows learners from across the world to discuss and share ideas. Whether the knowledge is fir certification or entertainment,  virtual learning makes learning easy and enjoyable, resulting in a better outcome.

e-Learning Vs Classroom Training? - Dante Systems

e-Learning Vs Classroom Training? – Dante Systems

 Traditional classroom learning is still going nowhere soon

Classroom learning offers continuous interaction between instructors and learners. This mode of education comes with a lot of reassurance; online learning lacks a support system to help students overcome their fear of exams, a benefit that comes with traditional knowledge.

Traditional learning also lets learners directly share their views as the instructor makes clarifications.  Students’ questions are also answered immediately.

In classroom learning, the teacher has a chance to understand the learner’s needs. The instructor and the learner also have an opportunity to know each other well.  Such interactions give the teacher an excellent opportunity to act as a mentor and guide their learners all the way.

Classroom learning may not completely die, but the truth remains virtual learning is replacing this method of learning in various companies and institutions for the better. Learners are more than enjoying the goodness that comes with e-learning flexibility.

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