Delegate Management System

Dante ensures the management of delegates to courses is as smooth as
possible with automation implemented where possible to reduce errors and
minimise duplicate data entry between systems.

Digitalise your Delegate Administration

Our delegate registration system allows you to capture delegate information digitally on the day of training

Capture Delegate Details

Record course-specific information such as ID or license numbers

Attendee Photo

Take, crop and upload images of your attendees then use these for generating ID cards or certificates


Ensure delegates attend each day of the course by having them sign in digitally on a mobile or tablet

Set an expiry period for courses then allow the system to track expiry of courses and automatically email refresher training reminders to delegates and coordinators; allowing you to grow your training revenue by maximising repeat business.

Historical training history taken place before implementation can be imported and tracked via our refresher training system, allowing you to reap the benefit from day one.