Our end-to-end implementation service customises Dante to meet the needs of your business. We take care of the entire setup process, train your team and provide ongoing support once the system is live.

Phase 1: Needs Assessment

We learn about your existing training administration process to determine what your business needs from our software. Next, we configure your trial system to integrate with your current processes and provide the tools to make them more efficient.

Phase 2: Free Trial

During your free trial, you have full access to our platform to learn how it benefits your business. We recommend setting up a few of your current courses and customers in the system, as a trial, so you can see how this will work once you go live.

This is the perfect opportunity to test your training administration processes in a demo environment to ensure that our solution is right for you. Learn about our Pricing.

Phase 3: Training & Setup

We schedule a kick-off call to discuss goals and timeframes that work for you. Our team gathers all the information it needs to import your current resources, such as historical training data, email templates and documents that need adding to the new system.

Next, we configure the platform to meet the needs of your business, including custom fields to ensure all of your data is housed in the right place.

While this is happening, we train your team to get the best out of the platform before it goes live – at a schedule that suits you – and we also offer ongoing refresher training and training for new starters.

Phase 4: Data Import

We handle the entire data migration process for you and help you prepare your data for seamless import with guides and templates.

Companies – Lists of customer, prospect and supplier information including name, address and contact details.

Delegates – Unique list of delegates linked to the appropriate company imported previously. We run checks on fields such as name, company, DOB and N.I. number to prevent duplicate records.

Delegate Training – List of training linked to the previously imported delegates. Information includes course name, date, expiry and result. This information is accessible via delegate records and reports to check for expired training.

Phase 5: Go-Live

Now, your system is ready to go! Your team is confident with the platform, they’re trained to get the best out of our training management software and you’re equipped with everything you need to build a bigger, more efficient training business.

All that’s left is for us to run systems and data import integrity checks to ensure everything is in place before launching your new platform live.

Phase 6: Ongoing Support

The work never ends from our perspective. We provide ongoing support and adapt your system to meet the changing needs of your business as it continues to grow.

Ongoing support includes:

  • Goal Achievement (initial & ongoing)
  • Continued Process Optimisation
  • Workflow Automation Review
  • Dante Development Roadmap

Andrew Dally

0117 405 8158

Having worked with training providers for almost 10 years, I help companies improve every aspect of their business, from tightening up admin processes and adopting the right technology to creating an online presence and maximising growth.

I personally oversee every implementation at Dante to ensure you get the highest ROI from our system.

It’s my goal to make sure every company using Dante’s Training Management System achieves the best results.