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Delegate Planner


£4000 - £6000

3 Included



Delegate Planner Enterprise



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Cloud or Onsite

Our Training Management Software - FAQ

Are there any hidden costs?

Our costings are fully transparent and there are no hidden costs! Unlike other providers, we do not charge per delegate or per course, avoiding a potentially unpredictable expense to your business!

What's included in implementation?

Our implementation is a complete end to end process where one of our team will guide you through this entire process ensuring the system is fully optimised to your business. This involves three main steps:

  1. Customisation  - Tweaking various settings and options to allow you to use Delegate Planner the way you want it to be.
  2. Importing - Bespoke data migrations are carried out by us and leave you with one centralised source for training information.
  3. Training - Provide bespoke three days of training to all administrators, tutors and and team members to ensure you are comfortable using our package
What's Included in the monthly cost?
  • Email and Phone Support - Whether you're stuck with an issue or need advice on the best way to work we're always happy to help
  • Periodic Reviews - We ensure all customers are using the system to its full potential so we schedule frequent update calls to review your requirements and inform you of new additions to our software.
Can I add new features or fields to Delegate Planner?

The reason Delegate Planner is such a comprehensive solution is that we always listen to our customers and we regularly update our software with new improvements. During implementation and training we'll extensively work through your system to tweak various areas to ensuring your training management system operates in the way you need it to.

I want to add more licenses/users to Delegate Planner, what are my options?

Additional Trainer Licences - £10
Trainer licenses provide the ability for your trainers to view their calendars, take a mobile optimised register and collect candidate evaluation feedback.

Additional User/Administrator Licences - £40
Users have full access to all of the day to day features of Delegate Planner including creating and scheduling courses, course administration, access to the CRM, calendars and reports. Administrators have access to all of the features for a user above, plus access to maintenance which are the settings that control your Delegate Planner system.

Additional Read Only Licences -£20
Read only users have access to all the features that an administrator has, except it is completely read only, meaning they cannot change anything.

Unlimited Training Coordinator Licences
Provide the ability for a manager or training coordinator at your customer to manage all the training and delegates at their company. Including booking courses and running reports such as a list of all training or training that is due to expire.
Who owns my data and is it hosted securely?

The system and all of your data is hosted in cloud servers based in the UK provided by one of the leading world-wide cloud hosting providers ensuring the latest security measures are in place.

You own 100% of your data in our system and we only access your data for support and diagnostic purposes. We will never share your data or distribute to third parties.

Can I adjust the system to match my company's branding?

Included in the implementation of Delegate Planner is a domain and/or sub-domain of your choosing and a re-brand of our software to match your corporate colour scheme which can feature your company logo.

Any correspondence created and sent by Delegate Planner such as invoices, emails and certificates can be completely tailored to match your current templates.

Can we transfer data from our existing system or excel to Dante Planner?

Yes, this is included in the implementation cost. Certain migrations that vary from platforms and scale may carry an additional cost, please call 0117 405 8158 or email [email protected] to learn more.

Does Delegate Planner integrate with my existing software packages?

Delegate Planner can be fully integrated with most major CRM, HR and accounts packages. Call us on 0117 405 8158 or send us an email at [email protected].

How long before I can go live?

We aim to have a system setup and training underway within 1-2 weeks, during this time it is our number one priority to get you up, running and benefiting from our training software.

A realistic time-frame to aim for go live is 4-8 weeks, depending on resources available on your side and the complexity of your requirements.

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