Delegate Planner for Charities and Non-Profits

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Delegate Planner is highly configurable, so no matter how your organisation works you will be able to choose from a host of options and features with our project management software in order to get the ideal system for you.

Delegate Planner offers:

  • Access to your system from any location – this ensures quick retrieval of your information and makes it possible for you use the system from a number of locations.
  • A single system for all of your delegates and their information – this provides you with a streamlined system that gets the job done in minimal time.
  • A database that links delegates’ training records and personal information to their company information – as a result you will be working from a user friendly and accurate database. 
  • A single point of contact for all delegates - this makes it easy for delegates to access information, book online courses UK and complete evaluations.
  • Multi-day/multi-session courses where each day or session has its own location, trainers, times, etc. – this means that your training system will be able to cope with both internal and external courses.
  • Schedules that can be easily copied and/or moved – so offering your administration staff greater flexibility.
  • A configurable maintenance section that allows you to set up the system exactly the way you want - this detailed level of configuration means you get a bespoke system that will do exactly what you want it to, and all at no extra cost.
  • Testimonial

    The transition was seamless

    Louise Wood, Learning and Development and Internal Communications Assistant, Enham

    Organisational growth had increased the number of training courses we provided, however, coordinating these courses on Excel was very time consuming and cumbersome. We recognised we needed a training system that could cope with both internal and external courses and selected Dante Systems because it not only met our needs but we were impressed by the level of support Dante were prepared to offer us. The transition from our manual system to Dante's system was seamless, with friendly and informative training, recommendations and advice, which have been on-going since the implementation. The system has made a big impact, not only on the people who operate it but for the whole organisation. There is an improved level of service from the Learning and Development department and more importantly the tracking, waiting lists and management reports can now be relied upon. By working closely with Dante we have developed a streamlined system that gets the job done in minimal time. We are extremely happy with the system and thank you for your continued support. Enham - releasing potential

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