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Does your organisation run training courses for employees?

If so, Delegate Planner Corporate is the solution you are looking for to streamline training course administration for your Department. Set up and configure any range of courses with our project management software, ie. Project Management Courses

  • Aimed specifically at large organisations managing a high volume of regular employee training, Delegate Planner Corporate provides an easy method of offering courses, taking bookings and managing the entire course administration process.
  • Enables you to sell course places to other businesses with fully integrated CRM and online payment processing.
  • Using a real-time, on-line system, your staff can access up to date details and book courses from any of your locations, at any time. Compatibility with all modern browsers is assured.
  • Avoid litigation issues by ensuring employee training needs are met and full records are kept and maintained.
  • One central, secure system can manage training across your entire organisation. By assigning Line Managers and/or Training Managers to single or multiple locations, Delegate Planner Corporate will fit your organisational structure. Your teams can further configure the system to ensure it will work the way you do.
  • Manage courses using intelligent system functions – Analyse employee training requirements, set up course pre-requisites, ensure Line Managers approve every booking (if appropriate) and quickly produce a host of course, management or even bespoke reports.
  • Experience greater efficiencies and peace of mind courtesy of the best automation capability. The system will send a variety of customised, branded emails such as joining instructions and course reminders to the relevant people, on a schedule set by you. Other ‘housekeeping’ tasks can also be automated.
  • Easily build any number of multiple choice examinations and assign them to your courses using the fully integrated Internet Based Exam Module. This includes a range of reports including statistics on candidate results.
  • Run the system over your intranet or the internet. Alternatively, we can host for you at a secure data centre using our leased servers at one of the UK’s prime hosting providers.
  • The highly configurable nature of Delegate Planner extends to integration with your website, allowing you to promote your courses the way you want to without compromising your corporate identity and work processes.
  • We are always happy to link Delegate Planner with and import data from any existing systems you require whether it’s a HR system, CRM system, Delegate Databases etc.
  • Testimonial

    Friendly and professional…

    Wincanton, Sean Cusack, Group Health & Safety Manager

    Thank you for the trouble-free implementation of the system, which has now replaced our old health and safety training administration process. I was delighted with the friendly and professional manner in which the entire process was carried out. Since implementing the Delegate Planner system all records are maintained in one place and it is easily apparent who will be attending which course, which trainers are required and when, and most importantly, how and when to charge. In brief the system has allowed us to increase the number of courses we run and has streamlined the whole booking and charging process." Sean Cusack, Group Health & Safety Manager, Wincanton. Wincanton

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