Delegate Planner for the Public Sector

Management Courses and more ..

Delegate Planner is highly configurable, so no matter how your organisation works you will be able to choose from a host of options and features in order to get the ideal system for you in creating and managing your management courses and more.

Delegate Planner offers:

  • Access to your system from any location – this ensures quick retrieval of your information and makes it possible for you use the system from a number of locations.
  • A single system for all of your delegates and their information – this provides you with a streamlined system that gets the job done in minimal time.
  • A database that links delegates’ training records and personal information to their company information – as a result, you will be working from a user-friendly and accurate database.
  • A single point of contact for all delegates - this makes it easy for delegates to access information, book courses and complete evaluations.
  • Multi-day/multi-session courses where each day or session has its own location, trainers, times, etc. – this means that your training system will be able to cope with both internal and external courses.
  • Schedules that can be easily copied and/or moved – so offering your administration staff greater flexibility.
  • A configurable maintenance section that allows you to set up the system exactly the way you want - this detailed level of configuration means you get a bespoke system that will do exactly what you want it to, and all at no extra cost.
  • Testimonial

    Time saving and accessible from multiple locations

    Hackney Council, Alice Tomlinson, Safeguarding Training Coordinator

    Our Delegate Planner system has become invaluable and I am not sure how I would manage my work without it. I was very impressed with the intense 2-day training and came away feeling very confident with using the system. It has proved very time-saving and streamlined a number of administrative processes. It is really useful the system being 'online' as it renders it possible to use from a number of locations. I feel very comfortable approaching Dante if I have any problems and I feel secure in the knowledge that they would be able to help and provide a solution. Hackney Council

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