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Delegate Planner is highly configurable, so no matter how your University works, providing a range of business management courses, you will be able to choose from a host of options and features with our project management software in order to get the ideal system for you.

Delegate Planner offers:

  • A sophisticated portal for students, using thier University login account - In this portal students can make, cancel and review their bookings, place themselves onto waiting lists, accept or reject automated offers following cancellations and manage their CPD information. Students always login the same way, always use the same portal and always go through the same booking process no matter what the course. This provides students with a simple, fast and familiar way to find what they are looking for, resulting in an improved service and customer retention.
  • The ability to configure course teams - allowing different departments of a university to control their own courses. Enables you to choose whether or not Department specific information on courses, resources and delegates can be seen by other teams, providing a streamlined, easy to use system.
  • Easy access to all course information such as attendance and waiting lists - Students, Tutors, Staff and Administrators can view online course administration and registration reports containing details of course venues, catering times, student lists etc. This information is available to these personnel 24/7, saving a considerable amount of administration time, resulting in higher course occupancy, increased course take-up, and improved accuracy enabling you to schedule more courses.
  • 24 hour access to your system, 365 days a year - As the system operates in real time everyone is provided with up-to-date information every time they access the system.
  • Enhanced automation of the booking processes, including automated waiting lists - Available course places are filled and requests are added to waiting lists automatically. Tutors, Delegates and Staff are kept informed with custoimisable, automated system emails.
  • University specific fields, such as ‘Faculty’, ‘School’ - this detailed level of configuration means you will be working with a purpose built system that will remain relevant to your university.
  • Configurable University specific rules – set your own criteria, allowing you to tailor your system even further. For example, set the maximum number of courses a student can attend in a semester or define who is able to book onto which courses etc.
  • Testimonial

    Immediate efficiencies

    University of Bristol, Christian Carter, Head Of Staff Development

    Following a competitive bid process, we chose Dante’s Delegate Planner online software to manage our staff and students short course bookings. Delegate Planner provides immediate efficiencies in our working practices and has the ability to scale on demand, all within a single system. University of Bristol

  • Testimonial

    Flexibility and relevance of software

    University of Essex, Susan Rhodes, Project Manager

    The decision to award the contract to Dante Systems was not a difficult one as it became increasingly clear that the flexibility and relevance of their Delegate Planner online software to our working environment would enable us to significantly improve the management and accessibility of our doctoral training provision. University of Essex

  • Testimonial

    Improve the efficiency of administration procedures

    Rich Cowley, Data & Business Systems Training Manager, University of Nottingham

    Dante’s Delegate Planner has enabled us to improve the efficiency of our administration procedures, implement administrator teams, achieve higher attendance on courses and present a single look and feel to students and to staff. We are delighted with the system and the learning management system information it provides. The University of Nottingham

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